Based in Yorkshire, UK, Catherine’s creative practice as a photographer and artist filmmaker is driven by exploring the interaction between the past and the present. Through her work, she aim to capture brief glimpses of the past and hidden history, as they intersect with the contemporary landscape. She is fascinated by the forgotten narratives, memories, myths, and tales that lay dormant within the land. 
 Her work connects the landscape with its underlying geology and ecology, while intertwining elements of folklore and legends, blending fiction with documentary. Predominately working within landscape to explore the cross section of the natural and unnatural world, she also works within portraiture as well as artist film and moving image. 
Her recent project, 'Cave of Bones,' showcased at the Leeds Artist Show and the 'liminal' exhibition curated by the Gypsophila Collective, unveils evidence of human activity from 12,500 BC within a cave system in the Yorkshire Dales. Furthermore, her 16mm short film, 'Lacking the Boggart,' was screened before a showing of Mark Jenkin's film 'Enys Men' at the Alhambra cinema. Catherine's artistic exploration also extends to works like 'It's Winter Now,' which delves into the intricate relationship between women, nature, and tragedy. Additionally, in 2020, she embarked on 'Gast,' a year-long project consisting of three shorts that explore the memories associated with the ghost stories we hear while growing up.​​​​​​​

©Michael Pollard - Leeds Art Gallery

Catherine works as a freelance portrait photographer and is available for commission
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on set during Lacking The Boggart 

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